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Stress management machines and options

Solving the load machine control is a field that brings in machine control completely new dimension of efficiency. It is possible thanks to the great development of ultrafast measurement sensors, while high computing power of modern control computers. We all know it. For example rip saw. Never set the cutting speed very well. To you "did not bite" on any knot, rather the operator sets a speed slightly lower than it would be effective. And, conversely, the operator is bold, and there set the high speed, which is the regularity effect "jamming" - usually when the rushes with the completion of the contract. If the plants are weaker main fuse, throw it and other traffic ... etc. Damage to the considerable operating costs.

We can solve this thing, we do it comprehensively and most successful. Our software recognizes not only the congestion, but also a tendency ... therefore recognize that the approaching overload. And so it is able to intervene in time and these problems and unnecessary losses to the energy and the amount of labor you go. Cutting machine performance increases up to 40% without unnecessary downtime. Do not ask us how we solved (that's our little secret production) but ask our customers how satisfied they are with the results!! Alternatively, you are able to arrange a visit to our system can be seen in action.

Pila Cigna Staříč - full version with all modules with touch screen 8 cm - Plastering - Rip Saw VRAVOR careening double adjustable shaft

Pila Plavec Kněžice full version for single-shaft machine - Plastering - ripsaw TOS PKSN 32 A

Pila Jindřichovice Stress management angular saws PP550

PSC DOMINUS-PRODCOM SRL - Covasna Romania - Stress management angular saws PP550


The main benefits of stress management woodworking machines 

1. No need to sort the material - the system can cope with both any material without readjusting the cutting speed

2. No material stuck in the machine

3. The machine runs at its optimal maximum cutting performance

4. The machine consumes per unit of lumber up to 25% less energy

5. The efficiency of a power shift will increase by 25-40%


Just know how to do it ..... and you love to see that.






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